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Transforming Pharmacy Through Innovation

We are a health-tech company who partners with our pharmacy customers to provide workflow solutions and Central Fill.

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With our Central Fill services, direct benefits include:

  • Avoiding equipment purchases and maintenance costs
  • Receiving the best in packaging solutions
  • Reaping financial benefits, including a lower cost-to-fill
  • Enhanced prescription filling and patient outcomes
  • Expanded practice
  • More efficiency

Our Central Fill solution goes beyond centralized automation. We resolve your pharmacy’s workflow in a way that drives efficiency — so you can scale your business.

Embrace The Benefits

Our expertise.

We are passionate about innovation.

Central Fill is a proven system that lowers your cost-to-fill prescriptions. However, we’re so much more than that.

We’ve spent years developing our system — and perfecting the details, the accounting, inventory, billing, quality assurance, and electronic record keeping that comes along with it — resulting in a streamline workflow solution for you to use.

Our system allows you to have the freedom to expand your practice.

Our solution works with a multitude of products and packaging types — when you partner with us, you gain that advantage.



Streamline pharmacy workflow by synchronizing client medication schedules, resulting in a single pick-up date and better medication adherence.


Meet your pharmacy’s fulfillment needs with our automated conveyor-based dispensing system. Pro-Fill delivers counting accuracy, while scaling back dispensing costs.

High Volume Home Delivery

Using Providen’s solution your pharmacy can begin to meet the growing demands of home delivery patients.


Our workflow solution allows you to focus on your pharmacy’s big picture — transforming your business from dispensing to clinical.

With MEDSYNC® proactive refills, and our packaging and automation solutions, you save time and lower your cost-to-fill.

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Providen is Canada’s longest-running Central Fill pharmacy.

Established in 2004, we have the insight and experience needed to operate in the unique Canadian market.

We offer workflow and consulting solutions designed to help you improve your practice.

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