High Volume Home Delivery - Providen Logistics Ltd.

For pharmacies looking to scale their business and meet the growing demands of home delivery patients, Providen has the solution.

Pro-Fill powers your complete fulfillment workflow providing real-time visibility and manifesting.  Integration with Canada Post and other courier systems provides seamless order tracking.

Expand your product offering with multiple packaging types (cards, strips, vial, manual pick, compounding) and/or add delivery options such as cold chain. 

MedSync provides a proactive and adherence system that ensures your distant care patients receive their chronic medication refills before they run out.

Providen provides design flexibility to meet your operational, technology, and physical space requirements.  

Benefits include:

  • Integrated delivery systems
  • Receiving the best in packaging solutions
  • Reaping financial benefits, including a lower cost-to-fill
  • Enhanced prescription filling and patient outcomes
  • Expanded practice
  • More efficiency